Thursday, May 14, 2009

At long last

Hello all

Last year I decided to make two memory books for my nieces who lost their Daddy real sudden. Shock to all the family. Anyway after starting and having to stop because it was just tooooooo emotional I have finally finished both of them. The second did not take as long as the first as I had sorted out where the pages were to be placed and what photos were to be used. I am sending them to the girls via my sister Tina so that she gets a look at them as she out of all his sisters was closest to my brother

Here are one or two photos to share
I tried to create books where they would have a chance to include some things that they wanted to do and as seem to have most of the family photos I have included photos that I know they haven't seen before. The PP that I used and stickers etc are from the lovely Fleurie
Ta ta for now

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So not used to this

Well here we are nearly half way through May and I am not in the habit of posting into this Blog, but then Do I really have that much to say..........

Talk under water I hear you shout...........

So very tired today, have just completed to very long days at work, lots happening there too.........

So will post in the next few days