Sunday, August 9, 2009

Little competition

Let's see who can come up with the best answer to this question......

What has DMC floss (used in embroidery and cross stich) got in common with cardstock??

A nice prize will come out to the person whose answer makes me laugh out loud


Sick again

Whatever bug has been going around, I have caught it again!!!! This time worst than the last and I am at home today with the sorest ears and chest. Feeling very miserable..............

Hope to be on the mend soon


Friday, August 7, 2009

Okay a long post ahead

Where does the time go? It is now almost the middle of August and yet again I am late with
sending birthday cards and pressies to my niece, great neice and I may just be in time for my big sis Tina's birthday.

I am totally hopeless this year, I think the only birthdays I have remembered are Lynne's and Geoffs, the two girls are never forgotten. Everyone else I have either forgotten or like my lovely friend Sharon- her pressie is still wrapped up ready to give to her

I think I need to give myself a good shake!!!!!

So what's been happening in my world.
Geoff graduated in May- I know hang your head with shame Ange that you are just posting the picture now.

He looked great in his gown and mortar board and we all were really proud of his achievement. He is now considering a PhD, which will be just fantastic for him, I will be starting my Master of Global Education next year so he's waiting for that to finish first

I have at the moment enrolled into the Grad Cert in VET, just to keep the brain busy. I am loving the learning, however its the assignments I am not that happy about!!!!!

Alice is going well living out of home. I stayed with her a couple of weeks ago as I had a conference in the city, rather than come home with the unloved and definately the unwashed (what is it about people and their personal hygeine?) I stayed with her in Kensington. Went out for a lovely indian meal with her and Sarah her house mate. Lovely watching the riders do their track work at Flemington on Friday from her balcony.

Sophie is moving out too, so Geoff and I are now going to be empty nesters, she is moving closer to RMIT at Bundoora, both Geoff and I think that she has been hankering for independence for quiet a while and I think this will be the best thing for everyone as she can be the laziest little toad sometimes.

I haven't done much scrapping, Lorrie over at Scrapbookcapital has been organising some Saturday and Sunday crops that I have managed to get to, they've been good fun and guess what LOADS of room to spread out. My idea of heaven, although at the last crop I think Lynne won who could spread out the most.

Here's a sample of what I've been doing

My fave picture of the 5 of us and the other picture was taken on Alice's birthday

this is the card I made for Geoff for being a clever and getting his Masters, those little stars took ages to do

The lovely Hetty Hall joined us for the weekend. She is more beautiful in real life and just the kindest, sweetest person you can imagine. watching her cut out the most intricate designs with just her scissors was very inspiring. Thanks for cutting out my butterfly Hetty!!!
It has now been a year since my brother Thomas died. How fast has that year gone. His two girls have the books I made for them but haven't heard anything from them. Not that I am expecting to hear.

Went to see Pink with Sophie, we were in the nose bleed section of Rod Laver but the concert was great. Evermore were the support band and Sophie got her photo taken with the band members. Photos of that later when I can retrieve my camera from Sophie!!!
Her and Geoff are off to see Wolfmother in September. Not a fan of them so haven't gone.
Okay, as you can see not much happening apart from the normal everyday stuff
Ta ta for now