Saturday, April 11, 2009

She's moved out........


NO only joking, I was however beginning to lose the will to live going through with Alice looking for a place for her to stay....

She's moved to Kensington and she told me tonight on the phone that Avalon was a half an hours drive for her instead of the 1 hour and 45 minutes........... and the Airport was 20 minutes in non peak and half and hour in peak, so she's a real happy little vegimite at the moment.

The apartment she is sharing with another cabin crew member Sarah is just beautiful, two good sized bedrooms, Alice's has an ensuite and the lounge, eating, kitchen area is really a good size for two people, you wouldn't want more than that in the place. When you step out on the balcony you overlook Flemington race course so not to far for her to stumble home........

It's very quiet in our house now, no battle of the stereos and Geoff has been painting her room (now offically my scrap room) and Sophies room in the most beautiful palest shade of grey, just stunning and fresh and after the brown and yellow of Alice's room and deep purple and lilac of Sophies room its a welcome relief. Here are some pictures



Poor Geoff has to paint the walls twice with white to hide the brown and yellow, the same for Sophies except her dark purple wall had to be painted three times. Why do it you ask, well the grey on the brown and the grey on the yellow looked totally bizzare and I would just not have been happy..........

He has one more day of painting in Sophies room and then he's done.

And yep I have started moving all my "stash" into my room, will take photos when its finished and I have stopped rearranging for the 50th time

ta ta for now



  1. Well done for your daughter moving out Ange, Its the first big thing in her life and she will remember it always, including the help you have gave her. I cant wait to see the finished scrap room. Will keep on popping in to see the pics. Happy Easter Ange

  2. awww good on you ange for being brave ....but turning the room into a scrap room is a good band aide ....(((wonder if you get 2 scrap rooms when sophie moves out???)))...and the real answer to your question is that your a virgo!!!....he he he wishes to Alice in her new adventure of life.